Road Map: v1

The development of PodToo has been a labor of love for our team. Our goal is to support content creators of all types - from independent podcasters to large corporate networks. PodToo has been designed and developed with the creators in mind.

This project has undoubtedly transformed into something larger than we initially envisioned. We started off thinking it would be a straightforward copy-paste job from our portal at DRN1, but it rapidly evolved into a full-scale rebuild.

We'd like to be transparent about what you can expect from PodToo.

We're Still Developing

PodToo is still under development. We've begun to onboard clients, but it's an invite-only phase at the moment.

Our invited clients are providing invaluable feedback, helping us make crucial changes based on genuine user experiences.

No platform is perfect, and what we're building together is pioneering in our industry. Yes, there are hosting providers and newsletter marketing services, but we've never seen a unified ecosystem like this, one that brings everyone together to support each other from the ground up.

Our core belief is that together we are stronger. For the first time, with PodToo, podcasters, radio stations, show producers, DJs, artists and more can unite and collaborate.

Developing Together

Developing a system that facilitates communication, sharing, and support across all creative sectors has been a challenging journey. However, we've successfully built some core features so far:

  • Podcast Hosting
  • Radio Show Hosting
  • Network Website - A platform to showcase all your podcasts and radio shows
  • Newsletter Marketing - Easily notify your contacts with an email blast when a new episode is uploaded
  • Video Support - Although we're currently supporting 1080p quality during beta, we aim to support higher resolutions in the future

There's a wealth of additional features we're excited to share with you, but for this post, we want to focus on our future plans.

Roadmap - September to December

If all goes according to plan, we'll introduce the following features:

  • Premium Content - Enable creators to earn revenue from paid shows/podcasts
  • Customization for Network Sites - We want you to have the ability to personalize your network site and truly make it your own
  • Social Network Posts - We're working on automating social media updates whenever you upload a new episode

We've got more features in the pipeline, some of which we're keeping under wraps for now - but we promise to share more details soon.

The PodToo team would like to express our gratitude for your support, and we look forward to continuing to support you on your creative journey.